Thursday, March 21, 2013

Drip systems home made DIY.

Homemade drip emitters / systems

The four plex emitter connector on the left is a commercial connector that is usually fairly expensive.
The multiplex emitter connector on the right is my homemade version. It is made from a flexible riser and PVC cap and regular drip connectors. The advantage is that I can connect as many connectors as I need and replace them if they get broke. The cost is usually much less than that of what a commercial four plex is. I drill 1/8 inch holes or the same diameter as the connector shaft. Then using pliers force the connector into the hole.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sensitive plant, conversation piece for the house.

A houseplant everyone will talk about.

common name: Sensitive plant
scientific name: Mimosa pudica
  This one was grown from seed and is about three to four weeks old. Some garden shops do carry the seed but the easiest way is to simply Google it and order it online. Once they have been touched they take a couple hours to recover. They are one of the more unusual conversation pieces that I have in my home. And if nothing else, a good way to keep the kids occupied for a few minutes.